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The Phoenix Restaurant

- Boasting one of the best International Menus in Papua New Guinea

After Rabaul Hotel suffered a devastating fire in 1984 the McGrade family aptly re-named the restaurant, "The Phoenix Room" never suspecting the Restaurant would once again be devastated by ash!

On the 9th September 1994, the overwhelming ash fallout from the twin volcanic eruptions caused mass destruction to Rabaul Town. Rabaul Hotel chose not to close their doors but once again rose from the ashes like the Phoenix !

The Restaurant interior is a collection of pieces from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Papua New Guinea. Pieces collected over the years from family travels. The cathedral like ceiling features the largest "Tabu" wheel in Papua New Guinea. This is traditional shell money and is still used as currency in the islands region today. It is a museum piece.

Directly under the Phoenix Restaurant we have our own Japanese WWII Bunker discovered during the excavation of the Hotel Swimming Pool and was used for many years as our personal wine cellar. Now it is open to the public.

The Restaurant features popular Western & Asian dishes reflective of our social and cultural history and aimed to suit all tastes.

We take great pride in endeavouring to offer the freshest possible produce by purchasing daily from the Rabaul Market and all our menu items are made on the premises.

We also endeavour to cater for vegans, vegetarians and gluten free patrons.

PS: Our most famous dining patron was HRH Prince Andrew who devoured the Chocolate Profiteroles!

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The Phoenix